12 Years' IoT Experience
12 Years' IoT Experience

Fire Exit Staircase Lighting

Safety and energy saving are the key elements for fire exit staircase lighting.

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As electricity cost and operational expenses escalate, building service managers and building owners are continually looking for solutions to save energy, while providing adequate brightness level for safety. Lighting in intermittently occupied areas, when properly controlled with presence detection and LUX sensors, poses the greatest potential for cost savings without sacrificing safety.

Wireless Control & Sensor

Valta wireless smart IoT light is equipped with built-in presence detection and LUX sensor.  This seamless integration greatly simplifies the installation procedures.   The wireless tubes can be grouped together using Valta’s advanced grouping feature: when someone enters into the staircase, only the current floor, the floor above and below will be lit up.  This gives the best user experience while maximising energy savings.

Valta offers a variety of lighting fixtures to meet our clients’ needs.  The wireless T8 tubes can be used with standard fixtures or waterproof fixtures when used in a humid environment.

Valta IoT Lighting solution is suitable for both retrofit and new-build projects.

Product features

Our staircase solution has proven to save up to 90% of energy and is simply to install. Here are some of the product highlights:

  • High-efficacy (up to 150 lm/w) and proven to be reliable
  • Sophisticated control includes presence detection, daylight harvest, advanced grouping
  • Easy installation for retrofit and new-build projects
  • Reduce energy usage (save up to 90%) while creating a safe and visually comfortable environment
  • Reduce maintenance costs – the T8 wireless tube housing is made from alloy which provides excellent heat dissipation to prolong the product lifespan.  The sensor embedded in the tube end cap triggers the light only when a person or moving car is detected.  This further reduces the ‘on’ time and help to extend the product life

Visit the product page for more details.

Case Study

Public Semi-open Carpark

Underground Carpark

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