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12 Years' IoT Experience

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Visual comfort and energy saving are the key elements for school lighting.

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The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommends a minimum lighting level of 300 lux for classrooms, with higher levels recommended for specific tasks such as reading, writing, and detailed work. However, lighting levels may vary depending on the age and visual needs of the students, as well as the overall brightness of the space.

The color temperature of the lighting can affect mood, behavior, and visual comfort. A color temperature of 5000K to 6500K is typically recommended for the classroom environment, as it provides a bright, cool light that can help to promote alertness and focus.  During the rest period, the color temperature of 3000K to 4000K and with a lower brightness can be set to provide a more relaxing environment.

Glare can cause discomfort and visual fatigue for students, and should be minimized through proper lighting design. This may involve using fixtures with shielding or diffusers to reduce direct glare, and positioning light sources to minimize reflections on whiteboards and other surfaces.

Rapid changes in light intensity, or flicker, can cause eye strain and headaches. Only high-quality and flicker-free LED fixtures should be selected.

Effective lighting design is critical to achieving adequate illumination and visual health in a classroom environment. This may involve a combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to provide the appropriate levels of brightness and visual comfort for different activities. For example, task lighting may be used for reading and writing, while ambient lighting may be used for lectures and presentations.

IoT system - Intelligent control

Valta smart IoT lighting enables intelligent control for optimization of energy usage, while creating a healthy environment for the occupants. 

Valta offers a wide range of luminaires to suit classrooms including high-efficacy LED panel, tubes and downlights. Valta lights deliver comfortable and evenly-distributed uniform light, and they are flicker-free and with low glare, while maximizing energy savings.  Retrofit relays can be fitted to the light switch to enable scheduling function.  This will ensure that the lights are turned off completely at the set time and minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

For classroom, further saving can be achieved with intelligent control of air-conditioning.

Achieving adequate thermal comfort in a classroom environment requires careful consideration of several factors, including air temperature, humidity, and air flow.

Humidity: The humidity level in the classroom should be maintained between 30-60% to ensure comfort and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. High humidity can lead to discomfort and health issues, while low humidity can cause dry skin, eyes, and respiratory problems.

Air flow: Adequate air flow is important for maintaining thermal comfort and preventing the build-up of pollutants and allergens. Proper ventilation and air distribution can help to ensure that fresh air is circulated throughout the space.

Product teatures

Here are some of the product highlights:

  • Save up to 50% on energy with high-efficacy LED lighting (up to 185 lm/W)
  • Retrofit relays can be fitted to the light switch to enable scheduling function.  This will ensure that the lights are turned off completely at the set time and minimize unnecessary energy consumption.
  • To maximize energy saving, Valta intelligent control for air-conditioner (infrared) and smart curtain are recommended for retrofit.

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