12 Years' IoT Experience

IoT Lighting Solutions Create Values Beyond Illuminance

Why IoT Lighting?

Centralized wireless control lighting helps to:


Significantly reduce energy usage (50% to 90%) and carbon emission


Reduce maintenance costs and enhance service level


Real-time data to improve indoor comfort


Better user experience and improved visual health of the occupants


Turn lighting into the connected infrastructure future-ready for smart building applications

IoT Lighting Solutions

Valta offer four IoT lighting controls, as well as regular high-efficacy LED Lighting. 

Valta IoT lighting is an end-to-end intelligent system for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. The system achieves significant economic benefits through reduced energy and maintenance costs. Valta devices are smart on their own even without Internet connection.  The cloud-based version comes with automatic fault reporting and provision of data for system optimization. 

It is ideal for use in carparks, warehouses, factories, staircases, common areas.

The new DALI 2 standard allows wireless devices to be added to the system and is backward compatible with older version of DALI devices.

It is widely used in new buildings as a part of the Building Management System (BMS). 

Casambi is a lighting solution based on Bluetooth Mesh Network. Users can control, monitor and firmware updates over the air using an App. Casambi devices are smart on their own and Internet connectivity is not necessary for normal operation.

It is widely used in hospitals, clients, shopping malls, museums in Europe.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables reliable interconnection between devices. It supports both mobile phone Bluetooth control and gateway remote control using SIGmesh protocol. The energy consumption of these BLE devices is very low, making it suitable for the wireless sensor network.  

It is ideal for use in offices and retail stores where the number of nodes are not as large as those in large scale commercial applications.

Valta offers high-efficacy LED lighting products. You can mix and match with the IoT controls to create hybrid solutions to maximise energy saving while still meeting your budget.

Cost-efficient IoT lighting system to elevate your ESG metrics and to build a WELL Standard indoor environment

Case Study #1

Semi-indoor Carpark

Valta IoT lighting system saves this carpark more than 80% of the energy cost and increase the brightness level to 200 lux to enhance the visual comfort and safety of the user.

Case Study #2

Indoor Warehouse

Valta IoT lighting reduced the energy cost of an e-commerce warehouse by more than 80% and created different brightness levels for different  work activities to improve the productivity and visual health of staff.

Case Study #3

Design College Library

Demonstration of Human Centric Lighting for the enhancement of visual health. The color temperature control can also help students to evaluate visual effects under different light ambience  experienced in daily living.

Case Study #4

IT Office

Implementation of Valta Bluetooth Mesh Office Solution helps our client to save energy and to create a healthy environment which improves the productivity and visual health of staff.

Valta IoT Lighting gets your building future-ready and be adaptive for future smart building applications.

Why Valta?

12+ years

experience in IoT application development

Valta system has been installed in

Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore

Our signature clients including

Lighting Design Service

Using the professional lighting design software Dialux, Valta offers lighting design/ simulation service to optimise energy efficiency and to visualize the atmosphere of the lighting project, ensuring each project achieve your energy saving goals.

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