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12 Years' IoT Experience
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Valta T5HE LED Tube

Control options:

Product features:

  • Long lifespan and high efficacy up to 185lm/W
  • T6 tube with G5 end-cap
  • Made of PC and high quality aluminium alloy for better heat dissipation to prolong the product life 
  • Adjustable end-cap to cater for different mounting needs
  • Single-ended power input
  • 3-year warranty

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Electrical Specification

Rated Power          7W, 10W, 15W

Length                     2, 4, 5 feet

Power Factor         ≥0.90

CRI                          ≥80

Voltage (Nom.)      AC 220-240

Dimmable               No

Flicker-Free           Yes

End-Cap                 G5

Driver                      Internal

Optical Data

Efficiency             Up tp 185lm/W

Beam Angel          170º

CCT                       3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K

CCT                       3000K, 4000K,                                   5000K, 6000K

Protection & Warranty

Housing                  PC, Aluminium  

IP Protection          IP20

Operating temp.    -20ºC  to +40ºC

Operating temp.     -20ºC  to                                             +45ºC

Approved Marks     CE, RoHs

Warranty                  3 years

Lighting Option

                   Type/ Length/ Wattage/ CCT                            Lumen(+/- 5%)

 Type/ Length/ Wattage/ CCT                            Lumen(+/- 5%)

Type/ Length/ Wattage/ CCT         Lumen(+/- 5%)

T5HE-600mm-7W-3000K              1,260lm

T5HE-600mm-7W-4000K              1,280lm

T5HE-600mm-7W-5000K              1,290lm

T5HE-600mm-7W-6000K              1,295lm

T5HE-1200mm-10W-3000K           1,810lm

T5HE-1200mm-10W-4000K           1,830lm

T5HE-1200mm-10W-5000K           1,840lm

T5HE-1200mm-10W-6000K           1,850lm

T5HE-1200mm-15W-3000K           2,715lm

T5HE-1200mm-15W-4000K           2,745lm

T5HE-1200mm-15W-5000K           2,760lm

T5HE-1200mm-15W-6000K           2,775lm

T5HE-1500mm-10W-3000K           1,810lm

T5HE-1500mm-10W-4000K           1,830lm

T5HE-1500mm-10W-5000K           1,840lm

T5HE-1500mm-10W-6000K           1,850lm

T5HE-1500mm-15W-3000K           2,715lm

T5HE-1500mm-15W-4000K           2,745lm

T5HE-1500mm-15W-5000K           2,760lm

T5HE-1500mm-15W-6000K           2,775lm

Control Option

1. Regular LED – Power non-adjustable

Installation Option

– Plug-in


Carpark Lighting

Carpark Lighting

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