12 Years' IoT Experience
12 Years' IoT Experience

Commercial & Industrial IoT Lighting

Energy Saving, Visual Health and Safety for New and Existing Buildings

Valta IoT Lighting solution creates value beyonds illuminance.

For building owners or facility management

Valta IoT lighting centralized control helps to minimize energy usage (up to 90% in some instances), create a healthy and safety environment, and deliver actionable insights for optimization of both new and existing buildings.

For engineering companies or installers

Valta “One-click” set up tools and the plug & play hardware suitable even for non-IT professional to easily set up and scale up the system to provide new services.

New Products

Valta lighting is available in zigbee, DALI 2.0, Bluetooth Mesh and Regular (high efficiency) LED light. 

T5HE High Efficacy (185lm/W) Led Tube

D4 (130lm/W) IP54 LED Downlight

IP20/ IP65 High Efficacy (195lm/w) Led Strip

TP3 Linkable (150lm/W) IP65 Tri-proof

LL1 Linkable (125lm/W) Linear Light

HBU3 (182lm/W) IP65 LED Highbay

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Commercial Building

Why Valta?

12+ years

experience in IoT application development

Valta system has been installed in

Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore

For signature clients including

Lighting Design Service

Using the professional lighting design software Dialux, Valta offers lighting design/ simulation service to optimise energy efficiency and to visualize the lighting atmosphere, ensuring that the design goals of your project are achieved and win project.

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